Order now! This is our 194th edition!

Our 2019 Almanac is now in print!

You will find a wealth of history and garden advice in this, our 194th edition. History buffs will find out about John Wesley Powell, Colorado River explorer, and Arabella Mansfield, the first female attorney trained in the U.S. You’ll read about ‘The Manassa Mauler’, as well as the driving of the golden spike that united Americaís railroads in 1869.

Gardeners will learn more about growing and using the delicious chayote squash and naturalizing with bulbs. Many winners of the annual All America plant awards are featured to help you make selections at your garden store.

All the regular features that Baer’s readers are used to are included: weather predictions, sun and moon risings and settings, planetary events and planting recommendations. Donít forget the fishing calendar!

2019 brings five eclipses and a transit of Mercury – all are described in detail. Order today!